Dama Mobile Spare: Inspiring Success Story in Mobile Spare Parts Industry

Damaris Muriithi, widely recognized under her brand name, Dama Mobile Spare, is a young trailblazer in the mobile spare parts industry.

However, Dama’s path to success was far from effortless. Her journey began in 2009, following the completion of her O-level education in Kirinyaga. Initially, she assisted her aunt in farming.

After a year on the farm, her aunt helped her secure a job selling credit cards. Reflecting on those times, Dama reminisces, “In 2011, my aunt helped me find a job, and during that period, I earned a modest Ksh 1500 monthly.”

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Fortune smiled upon her when she received a call from her cousin, inviting her to Nairobi for a job opportunity at a mobile spare parts store. This marked her first experience in the bustling city. She secured a position at Luthuli Avenue, but her elation was short-lived as the company faced financial challenges. However, she didn’t lose hope and soon found another job on Munyu Road.

At her new job, she immersed herself in the intricacies of the business, learning the ropes of selling, purchasing, and acquiring supplies from overseas. Her passion for the industry grew stronger.

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After mastering the nuances of the trade, she decided to take a bold step. In 2016, she left her job and embarked on establishing her own venture. She scouted for a suitable shop and imported her initial batch of mobile spare parts from Dubai, leveraging her connections from her previous employment.

Initially, her small imports struggled to meet market demand, compelling her to source goods from a local supplier. Dama reflects, “I would purchase from local suppliers to fulfill customer demand, with minimal profit margins, allowing me to retain my loyal customer base.”

From Selling Airtime To Owning Two Mobile Spare Shops -

As her business gained traction, she realized the potential for expansion. After six months, she inaugurated a new branch of her enterprise.

Dama disclosed that her journey had been an enriching and fast-paced experience. She has since employed over 100 individuals across her shops. She attributes her success to the wisdom bestowed upon her by a higher power, stating, “I personally oversee all aspects of my business, despite lacking formal sales education. It is divine wisdom that has brought me to where I am today.”

She also emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction and the ability to adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape as pivotal factors in the success of any enterprise.

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