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Rũhiũ Rũtuiku

Theatre lovers will from today be treated with un-ending laughter by the theatre Gurus Muthamaki Media.

Ruhiu Rutuiku:The Misadventures of General Theodore"
Ruhiu Rutuiku:The Misadventures of General Theodore”

in the Gikuyu play Ruhiu Rutuiku better say ‘The Misadventures of General Theodore” will be a delightful farce with a mix of humor and chaos.

The plot involving a burglar, stolen items, and the determined General Theodore clad in only a vest and underpants sets the stage for a comedic escapade.

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According to the directors and the cast of this witty play It’s will be among the best  theatre plays of 2023, especially with characters like Caro, Tito, Officer Kate, and the unwitting participant Kimemia contributing to the hilarity.


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