Philanthropist Bethwel isokat donates uniform and cash to local administration in Teso North

 He emphasized that this act of generosity was a way of recognizing and appreciating their dedication to society.

James Bethwel Isokat, a well-known businessman and philanthropist from the western region on Tuesday  during Jamhuri day celebration generously donated uniforms and cash to the local administration in Teso North.

During the exercise, Isokat expressed his gratitude for the hard work of the village elders and the local administration by providing them with stylish new uniforms.

He emphasized that this act of generosity was a way of recognizing and appreciating their dedication to society.

Isokat highlighted the dual benefit of the new uniforms, noting that besides adding a touch of elegance, they would also contribute to enhancing security in the area.

He said the upgraded attire would make it easier to identify the administrators during public gatherings, creating a safer environment for everyone.

“I wanted to show my appreciation to the administration, including the village elders, for their continuous efforts in promoting and bettering our society,” Isokat said.

He acknowledged the financial burden on some elders to purchase their uniforms independently and emphasized the importance of supporting those in positions of power.

Remaining tight-lipped about the exact amount spent on clothing the nine village elders and the undisclosed cash gifts, Isokat playfully hinted that the focus should be on the act of appreciation itself rather than the numbers.

“Like a good magic trick, some things are better left to the imagination,” he quipped, leaving an air of mystery.

Humphrey Olyana, the acting chief of Kakapel location, wholeheartedly appreciated Isokat’s thoughtful action, foreseeing a significant improvement in the area’s security.

Olyana expressed gratitude for the increased visibility of the administrators, making it easier for locals to identify them and report any wrongdoing in the community.

“This is a feel-good act that deserves a standing ovation from everyone,” Olyana beamed, urging the affluent members of society to follow Isokat’s lead. With a call to action, he emphasized the shared responsibility of creating a safer society, recognizing that the government alone couldn’t bear the weight and urging all stakeholders to join hands in this uplifting effort.

He called on wealthy individuals in society to follow Isokat’s example, urging them to support initiatives that contribute to the betterment of a safe society.


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