Njiru Homes Spared from Demolition Following Talks with Kirima Family”

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has offered reassurance to residents of contested Njiru land, declaring that their homes will be spared from demolition. In ongoing discussions with the Kirima family, recognized as the rightful owners, Sakaja has allayed concerns and emphasized a commitment to preventing the destruction of these residences.

During an interview , Sakaja clarified that while the government cannot purchase the land, the Kirima family is open to negotiations, allowing families to make gradual payments. The governor highlighted a collaborative effort between the county and the national government to avert demolitions following court-ordered evictions from the 1000-acre land formerly owned by the late Gerishon Kirima.

“We will determine who pays for the land, whether it’s us or the families, but demolition is not an option. I don’t want people to spend Christmas worried that their property will be destroyed,” Sakaja asserted, aligning his stance with his signature slogan, ‘lazima iwork.’

Sakaja cautioned against politicizing the matter, emphasizing its legal nature. He expressed concern that politicization could exacerbate the situation.

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The residents of Njiru, Chokaa, and Mihang’o areas in Nairobi faced distress following a recent Environment and Land Court judgment ordering them to vacate nearly 1,000 acres of land previously owned by the late politician who passed away in December 2010.

Justice S. Okong’o’s ruling stipulated that those occupying the land must leave by December 31, 2023, or face eviction by Kirima Estate administrators. The judgment marked the conclusion of a lengthy legal battle between administrators and residents who acquired the property through self-help groups.

On November 21, Lands Cabinet Secretary (CS) Alice Wahome declared that the government would not intervene in the land dispute between the Kirima family and Njiru residents. Wahome affirmed the finality of the court ruling, urging residents to negotiate with the Kirima family or adhere to the specified court-ordered timeline for evacuation.

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