Murera Residents Struggle to repair their bridge as Leaders Fail to Address Basic Infrastructure Needs

Juja constituency

Residents of Murera are currently enduring significant hardship and inconvenience due to ongoing repair work on their sole bridge connecting Mashinani to Murera.

This vital link has been under repair for weeks, compelling residents to seek alternative routes to access their homes. The repair efforts were initiated by the residents themselves after their pleas to the authorities went unanswered.

Utilizing a WhatsApp group, Murera residents have united their efforts to repair the bridge. However, due to financial constraints, completion of the project is still days away, prolonging the agony for those reliant on the bridge for daily commutes.

Residents are expressing frustration and assigning blame to their local leaders, including Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi, Area MP George Koimburi, and MCA Moses  Munana, for neglecting their pleas for assistance.

Murera Residents Struggle as Leaders Fail to Address Basic Infrastructure Needs

The absence of timely intervention from elected officials has left Murera residents with no choice but to endure arduous detours to reach their places of work, exacerbating their pain and anguish. This situation underscores the importance of responsive governance and highlights the challenges faced by communities when their basic infrastructure needs are unmet.

Speaking anonymously,residents emphasized that despite numerous attempts to engage their leaders, they have only been met with empty promises. The village has been left neglected, lacking essential amenities such as water, sewage, and security, while neighboring wards like Gatongora thrive.

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