Kenyans running away from kenya

Raila blames Ruto

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, is attributing the surge in Kenyan emigration to the economic conditions under the current regime. Speaking at the Catholic University during a lecture titled ‘A Vision for the Next 60 Years and Beyond,’ Odinga criticized President William Ruto’s administration for its failure to establish administrative policies ensuring job security for Kenyans.

According to Odinga, the Kenya Kwanza administration, led by President Ruto, has made the country untenable for its citizens, leading to an increase in Kenyans seeking employment opportunities abroad. He accused the government of looking for jobs overseas for Kenyans instead of creating better job prospects within the country.


Recalling a time when Kenyans were proud and confident in their nation, Odinga noted a shift, stating, “Today, our people are scrambling to leave the country.” Citing a study by Pew Research indicating that 54% of Kenyans desire to relocate, Odinga expressed concern over the current direction of the nation.

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He criticized the government’s emphasis on securing farm and house jobs for Kenyans abroad, asserting that the focus should be on creating better employment opportunities domestically. Odinga lamented the exportation of young people with new skills and knowledge due to the government’s inability to generate sufficient jobs.

The opposition leader went on to accuse the current regime of abetting corruption and tribalism, vices that he argued the forefathers fought against during Kenya’s second liberation. He expressed disappointment in the administration’s appointments, examination scandals, and the prevalence of corruption and tribalism.

Odinga urged a return to the founding vision of the country, expressing confidence that Kenya could become one of Africa’s greatest democracies and a secure homeland for its children. He emphasized the need for a government that upholds the rule of law, respects human rights, rejects corruption, and ensures equitable wealth distribution.

These remarks by Odinga followed the Ministry of Labour’s announcement that the government planned to send approximately 1,500 farm workers to Israel, offering a monthly pay of Ksh.230,000.

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