Government Pathologist Shocked by Brutal Murder of Rita Waeni

In a shocking turn of events, Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor expressed profound shock over the brutal killing of 20-year-old university student Rita Waeni. Her mutilated remains were discovered at an apartment in Roysambu last Sunday. Addressing journalists in Nairobi after conducting a post-mortem on Rita’s body, Dr. Oduor conveyed his astonishment, stating that he had never encountered such a case during his extensive career as a pathologist.

Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johanssen Oduor addressing journalists in Nairobi on January 19, 2024. PHOTO COURTESY
Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johanssen Oduor addressing journalists in Nairobi on January 19, 2024. PHOTO COURTESY

“This is the first time I have come across such an incident. I have never come across such in my forensic life,” remarked Dr. Oduor.

Elaborating further, he mentioned, “The killer looked like he knew what he was doing because when you look at the skin, it looks like it was cut by a sharp object, but when you look at the bone, it was sawed off with what looked like a hacksaw.”

The Chief Government pathologist revealed that the perpetrator attempted to extract Rita’s fingernails, presumably to eliminate traces of their DNA from the victim’s body. Dr. Oduor explained that such violent crimes typically involve a struggle between the victim and the assailant, leading to a potential exchange of biological material.

“Another thing that we noticed is that the killer tried to clip off her fingernails for reasons which I may not be able to know, and as a scientist, when we see this, we think that the person was trying to hide evidence so that we are unable to get his DNA from his victim,” stated the Chief Pathologist.

Despite the challenges, Dr. Oduor mentioned that he successfully collected samples from some of Waeni’s fingernails that were not damaged by her killer. These samples have been sent for further forensic analysis to aid ongoing police investigations.

“We have taken samples for further analysis so that police can continue with investigations. We might get remnants of the perpetrator’s DNA,” added Dr. Oduor.

While acknowledging that the deceased’s head is still missing, Dr. Oduor described the desecration of the body, mentioning that someone had cut the femur clean off, separating the legs from the trunk. He also noted that Rita had lost a significant amount of blood, although this likely occurred postmortem.

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