Fire burns down rental houses in Ndenderu

On Wednesday afternoon, a devastating fire engulfed rental houses in the quaint neighborhood of Ndenderu in Kiambu county, leaving two predominantly iron-sheet houses within a homestead completely razed to the ground. The incident, shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke for the majority of the afternoon, has left the community grappling with the aftermath.

Firefighters from Kiambu county worked diligently to quell the flames that reportedly caused significant destruction, particularly to the mabati houses serving a section of low-income tenants. These modest dwellings were homes to families comprising fathers, mothers, and children.

Despite the extensive property damage reported by residents, fortunately, there are no current reports of injuries or casualties. Humphrey Kamau, a resident of Ndenderu, shared his account of the harrowing experience, stating, “I just heard people screaming, and when I looked, I saw the fire. That is when we started trying to save some of the property.”

Regrettably, the affected families face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives from scratch, as little could be salvaged from the relentless blaze. The urgent need for assistance and support is evident, with some residents highlighting the pressing concern that some affected families lack even a shelter to turn to as darkness descends.

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Ken Maasai

Ken Wakuraya is a seasoned Journalist with official accreditation from the Media Council of Kenya, possessing extensive expertise in covering political, Entertainment, and Human interest stories.

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