Detectives exhume Body Suspected to Be Former KVDA Boss Tubei

The long-standing mystery surrounding the disappearance of former Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) Director General Silvanus Tubei, who went missing 12 years ago, took a significant turn as a team of detectives exhumed a body suspected to be his. The discovery occurred when the remains were found buried in a shallow grave just a few meters away from his home.

On Thursday, the investigative team conducted the exhumation, marking a crucial step in the ongoing investigation.

According to Abdullahi Dahir, the chief of police in Keiyo South, the investigators plan to conduct a DNA test to ascertain whether the recovered body matches that of the missing former KVDA boss. The test aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Tubei’s presumed demise.

Silvanus Tubei vanished from his residence in Kabiemit village, Chepkurmum, Tumeiyo area in Keiyo sub-county, South, on the morning of September 26, 2012.

Reports indicate that a gardener made the grim discovery while tending to a garden, stumbling upon the remains of a body wrapped in a buried blanket and identifying adult human bones.

Silvanus Tubei had overseen significant projects during his tenure, including the construction of the multi-billion dollar Turkwel Dam, for which KVDA served as the implementing agency, and the erection of the 14-storey KVDA corporate headquarters in Eldoret. The investigation into his disappearance and the recent discovery of the suspected remains aims to bring closure to the lingering questions surrounding his fate.


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