Deputy Presidents spouse leads bomet university in tree planting

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On Friday morning, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, the spouse of Deputy President, took the lead in a tree planting initiative at Bomet University College. The endeavor is part of a larger national goal set by President William Ruto to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

Addressing the students during the planting of 10,000 trees, Pastor Dorcas emphasized the significance of such activities in addressing climate change for future generations. She expressed optimism about the positive impact of greening the environment, stating, “To green your environment and the country is the future.

Realz hands of love photo courtesy Realz hands of love
Realz hands of love photo courtesy Realz hands of love

As a motherly figure, Pastor Dorcas encouraged the students, referring to them as the future caretakers of the environment. She highlighted the importance of taking responsibility for the future, envisioning a world where their children would thrive in a healthy environment.

Pastor Dorcas recognized that some of the challenges related to climate change stem from past negligence towards the environment. In her efforts to promote environmental consciousness, she has been touring various institutions of higher learning, including Chuka University and Masai Mara University, engaging in both tree planting activities and discussions with students.

Beyond environmental concerns, Pastor Dorcas addressed the issue of drug and substance abuse among students, emphasizing the national crisis it has become. She urged the students to prioritize their studies for a brighter future.

Bomet Governor Dr. Hillary Barchok echoed the call for proactive measures against climate change, urging students to brainstorm and implement additional strategies to mitigate its effects.


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