73% of Kenyans are facing severe economic hardships InfoTrak Polls reveals

A recent report by Infotrak Voice of the People Poll reveals that 73 percent of Kenyans are currently facing severe economic hardships, struggling to make ends meet. The study, conducted on December 18 and 19, 2023, shows that the majority of Kenyans have resorted to side businesses and reduced daily spending to cope with the challenging situation.

InfoTrak research manager Johvine Wanyingo highlighted that 18 percent are in severe financial distress, while only 5 percent are managing the situation comfortably. The report indicates that 78 percent of residents in the North Eastern part of the country, followed closely by the coast region at 76 percent, Central at 74 percent, and Rift Valley at 73 percent, are experiencing severe financial distress.

As a coping strategy, 45 percent of Kenyans have sought additional employment, with 41 percent cutting back on non-essential expenses. Moreover, 18 percent opted to take loans, while 15 percent borrowed money from friends and family to navigate economic hardships.

The impact of economic challenges is evident in various aspects of Kenyans’ lives, including physical health issues, strains on personal relationships, increased stress levels, and anxiety. The report notes a 48 percent increase in stress and anxiety, a 32 percent strain on personal relationships, and 21 percent experiencing physical health issues.

The majority of the 1500 Kenyans polled across the 47 counties expressed pessimism about the economic climate in 2024. Concerns include expectations of an increase in unemployment rates, the cost of education, the dollar exchange rate against the Kenyan shilling, and energy costs.

Kenyans emphasized the need for government support during tough economic periods, with 26 percent urging the government to lower the high cost of living by reducing taxes, creating employment opportunities, and offering significant support to the agricultural sector

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