60-Year-Old Man Hacked to Death in murang’a

Tragedy Strikes Kigoro Village: 60-Year-Old Man Hacked to Death in Brutal Home Invasion

In a horrifying incident in Kigoro village, Murang’a County, a 60-year-old man, Peter Kamau, fell victim to a fatal axe attack by an intruder demanding Ksh.12,000 he had received from selling a goat.

The assailant, identified by residents as Wagathanwa, terrorized the entire family during a night raid, seeking the proceeds from the goat sale. The thug not only killed Kamau but also inflicted injuries on Kamau’s wife, Jane Waruguru, and two other individuals.

Family members disclosed that earlier that day, Kamau had sold a goat for Ksh.12,000, the exact amount the assailant demanded during the violent intrusion.

When the attacker stormed the homestead, he confronted Naomi Nyambura, demanding the money. Nyambura claimed not to have it, leading the assailant to drag her to Kamau’s bedroom. There, he woke Kamau and his wife, insisting they surrender the proceeds from the goat sale.

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Amid the chaos, the assailant assaulted Nyambura with his axe before turning on Kamau, striking him on the head, causing him to collapse.

Waruguru pleaded with the intruder, offering the money to spare her husband’s life. Despite complying, she too fell victim to the assailant’s violence, sustaining head injuries. The assailant also stole two mobile phones before fleeing the scene.

Residents are expressing concern over the apparent lack of action by security agents in Murang’a County to apprehend Wagathanwa, a known criminal with a history of stealing and breaking into homes using an axe and petrol.

Murang’a County Police Commander Kainga Mathiu assured the public that investigations into Kamau’s murder have commenced, and efforts are underway to bring the assailant to justice.

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